Superior Training

TRAIN-ING [noun] trā-ning: Skill, knowledge and experience acquired.- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Reducing the environmental impact of cleaning begins with a design that dictates tools, methods, procedures and materials, and ends with a highly trained staff.

Did you know: Most companies claim to have ‘trained’ janitors, but each janitor is usually free to use any over-the-counter industrial product they want to – green or not. With multiple janitors in large facilities, you could have dozens of different chemicals being used at the same time.

Eat My Dust™ is different: Each extensively-trained member of the cleaning team has their distinct function. They learn to use a more effective simplified approach, including ergonomic tools, cleaning materials and methods. Each building is treated exactly the same as every other building, every time it is cleaned.

The facts: Each worker on Eat My Dust’s Team undergoes extensive training including:

  • A two-day ‘Best Way’ boot camp
  • Specific site training
  • A first day, first week and monthly inspection
  • 40 hours of additional training each year
  • An ongoing Beyond Compliance program which exceeds all OSHA safety standards in a variety of ways

The results: Eat My Dusts’ superior training results in:

  • A facility that looks amazing
  • A healthy environment for its occupants
  • A healthier and cleaner facility over time
  • A guarantee that your facility will stay clean

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