SIMPLIFICATION [noun] sim-plə-fə-kā-shən: to reduce to basic essentials; to streamline.- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Cleaning is removing unwanted matter and putting it in its proper place.

The facts: Eat My Dust’s method simplifies cleaning into six key areas:

  1. Cleaning for health
  2. Protecting the environment
  3. Safe Cleaning Practices
  4. Environmentally responsible chemicals
  5. Improving indoor air quality
  6. Recycling

Did you know: The entire process is specifically engineered to simplify not only the materials used, but also the steps each team member takes, to ensure the cleanest and healthiest indoor environment? The award-winning and scientifically proven process dictates:

  • The quantity and packaging of materials. We avoid products that have excess packaging and buy concentrates whenever possible
  • The ergonomic aspects of tools. By using cutting-edge systems including micro-fiber flat mops and double-sided buckets rather than old-fashioned ‘string’ mops, and back-pack vacuums instead of stand-up varieties that blow dust back into the environment, workers are protected, as is our environment
  • The impact of materials and cleaning procedures.  100% of the daily chemicals used are Green Seal Certified or EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Registered
  • The reduction of energy consumption.  Since 1993, our process has focused on the team approach to reduce energy waste
  • Eat My Dust has a holistic approach to recycling, focusing on the three ‘R’s – Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.  Recycling provides raw materials for manufacturing and reduces landfill waste

Eat My Dust’s extensive training programs and inspections guarantee all workers systematically use the same methods, chemicals and best practices, resulting in using less, and reusing more.

Why shouldn’t your janitorial services be streamlined like your other business practices?  Contact us today.