One Best Way to Clean

BEST [adjective] ‘best: Excelling all others; producing the greatest results, advantage or satisfaction.- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Anyone can use green cleaning materials, but unless the methods used to clean are measurable and repeatable, the advantages of ‘green’ cleaning are lost.

Good clean news: Eat My Dust™ believes there is only one ‘best way’ to clean your business – and it’s far from a mop and broom. It’s an efficient and effective cleaning system that:

  • Is science-based, eco-friendly/green and results oriented
  • Exceeds all OSHA standards
  • Ensures unwanted dust, dirt, grime, allergens and microscopic bacteria are removed from your facility
  • Disposes of waste responsibly and safely
  • Relies on technology that tracks and gathers tangible data
  • Has been measured and tested
  • Has been implemented by some of the smartest companies in the world including Boeing, Sandia National Labs (a division of Lockheed Martin) and Universities in Texas, North Carolina and Massachusetts
  • Ensures your facility is cleaned in the one best way

Did you know: Numerous studies have proven that traditional janitorial cleaning methods can often leave facilities unhealthy. Typical cleaning methods:

  • Leave buildings dirtier than if they were left untouched
  • Pollute the indoor environment with toxic chemicals
  • Risk cross-contamination and the spread of disease
  • Lead to lost productivity, lack of morale and more sick days

Eat My Dust™ trains all of our workers to clean the one best way, in every building, every night.

Contact us today to learn how your facility can benefit from a science-based cleaning management system.