Inspections and Audits

INSPECTION [noun] in-spek-shən: a checking or testing against established standards
AUDIT [adverb] ˈo-dət: a methodical examination and review; a formal examination- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Eat My Dust’s detailed inspections and regular audits ensure consistent, healthy cleaning.

The facts: Most janitorial services clean your facility without effective inspections or audits to ensure the job is completed correctly each and every time. Eat My Dust has developed a proactive examination and testing system that gives you peace of mind, knowing your facility is being cleaned to exacting standards.

  • Inspections for new jobs are conducted regularly: the first day, after the first week, and monthly thereafter
  • All inspections measure specific compliance to the scientifically proven system
  • Eat My Dust uses a detailed checklist to ensure cleaning is taking place in the One Best Way. The list features approximately 20 simple pictograms to evaluate more than 100 cleaning functions.
  • There is no objectivity in inspections – either cleaning meets the regulations, or they don’t
  • Measuring cleaning quality focuses on three areas: solution changes, following instructions, and requests and complaints. No other cleaning system measures these variables.

Did you know: In 2008, a “Program of Excellence” award was added for (OS1) service providers who received a minimum of 90% on their (OS1) audit.  Programs that reached at least an 80% mark on their inspection were awarded the traditional “Green Certified Program Award.”

Take pride in the extraordinary diligence Eat My Dust™ uses to ensure your facility is cleaned properly each and every time! Contact us today.