Beyond OSHA Compliance

COMPLIANCE [noun] kəm-plī-ən(t)s: conformity in fulfilling official requirements
BEYOND [adverb] bē-änd: further; in addition to; in excess of- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Eat My Dust™ takes safety well beyond OSHA’s required standards.

OSHA Standards: OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was founded in response to pressure from consumer and environmental groups who wanted businesses to comply to basic standards and guidelines for workplace health and safety.  Eat My Dust™ not only meets – but EXCEEDS – OSHA requirements, ensuring the best possible health and safety conditions for building occupants and workers.

Did you know: OSHA will hold you responsible if there is an accident on your premises that involves an outside janitor.  Infractions cited by OSHA have cost employers money, time and have hurt their reputation.  Make sure that you hire a janitorial provider who follows all the OSHA regulations to protect yourself.

The facts: Eat My Dust’s documented system is up to five times more effective than other cleaning techniques at removing indoor pollutants.  Safety is key.   Exceeding OSHA standards consists of multiple steps including:

  • Written documentation of employee training and hazard awareness, with a hazard communication plan included.
  • Color-coding and labeling every chemical and bottle correctly, so employees can ensure – at a glance – they have the right chemical for the job.
  • Reducing the amounts and types of chemicals used. Pre-measured chemical packets significantly limits and standardizes the amount of hazardous chemicals in use.
  • There is a matching color-coded Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for every chemical used in the process. Hazardous materials inventory becomes almost automatic, as the only chemicals on site are those specified by Eat My Dust.
  • Employees receive extensive training on how to identify hazardous materials, proper use of protective equipment and procedures, safe handling of chemicals and equipment, and even how to protect themselves and the workplace from blood borne pathogens.

Why wouldn’t you want your facility cleaned by a company that exceeds OSHA standards?  Eat My Dust guarantees it! Contact us today.