Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reuse [verb] rē-yüz: to use again especially in a different way or after reclaiming or reprocessing- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Eat My Dust™ uses a holistic approach to the 3 R’s.  Every aspect of our system has been thoroughly examined to create a safer environment for ourselves and future generations.

Did you know: Traditional string mops use 75% more water, and spread polluted solution, when compared to flat microfiber mops and two-sided buckets.

The facts: Eat My Dust has a long list of practices that are 100% sustainable for both the environment and the cleaning worker.

  • All chemicals used are Green Seal Certified or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved
  • Team cleaning provides tremendous energy efficiency by lighting less areas of the building for less time
  • A take-back program ensures all source materials are recycled or used as fuel for incinerators
  • Backpack vacuums cover more area, more effectively, thus reducing energy usage
  • Specific laundry programs enable up to 3,000 uses of a single microfiber cloth
  • PH neutral chemicals prolong the life of carpets and other surfaces

The benefits: Electricity, water usage, and garbage creation are all minimized.  This saves space in our landfills and helps preserve our natural resources.  Take comfort that your facility, and the environment, are primary concerns in our cleaning process.

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