Better Indoor Air Quality

HEALTH [noun] helth: A state of complete mental, physical and social well-being.  Not merely the absence of disease.- Dr. Michael Berry

Eat My Dust™ uses a proprietary cleaning system that betters indoor air quality by up to 50%*!

Did you know: The most common cleaning approaches leave dust, pollutants and chemicals behind, which build-up over time.  This can lead to “sick building” syndrome, affecting employee health, productivity and overall wellness.

When you significantly improve your indoor air quality, you reap several benefits, including an increase in worker productivity, less absenteeism and better morale.  Ultimately, superior air quality means more money going to your company’s bottom line.

The benefits: Two recent studies proved our cleaning system has tremendous benefits including:

  • Airborne dust is reduced by 52%
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) plummet by 49%
  • Overall bacteria declines by 40%
  • Levels of fungi/mold drop by 61%

For children: In the classroom study**, similar high performance cleaning led to:

  • A 25% improvement on passing math scores on standard tests
  • A 16% increase in passing reading scores on standard tests
  • A 4.5% increase in attendance

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*In studies done at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill
**and the Charles Young Elementary School