Question: Does Eat My Dust offer a green cleaning program?
Answer: Yes! In fact, we clean only one way and it is, by all common definitions, a green cleaning program. Compared head-to-head with other green cleaning programs ours is scientifically proven to be up to five times more effective at removing dirt and pollutants.

Question: Why do your competitors offer green cleaning programs as an alternative to their regular cleaning?
Answer: That is a great question and one you need to ask them and not us! Logic dictates that if they offer multiple options (a green cleaning option and a regular option) than one of them must be polluting your building more than the other. We don’t see the point in offering anything less than the most effective approach that we know.

Question: Why don’t you call it a “green cleaning” program then?
Answer: The words “green cleaning” imply a dependence on (or relationship to) chemicals used in the process. We prefer terms like high-performance and environmentally-friendly to describe our holistic approach to cleaning.

Question: But don’t you use green chemicals?
Answer: Absolutely! All of our daily use all-purpose chemicals are Green Seal GS-37 approved.

Question: Does it cost more?
Answer: Absolutely not. We give our janitors the proper training and tools that enable them to collect more dirt, dust and contaminants than traditional approaches. This collected pollutants are then disposed of in the proper waste stream. When we return the next night, we only have to clean dirt and dust from that day. Our approach becomes more effective the longer we use it in your building.

Question: Doesn’t the division of labor into four Specialist roles increase the amount of time needed to clean?
Answer: No. It is a common misconception that multiple Specialist roles means that it takes longer to clean your building; quite the opposite is true. Specialization of labor enables simplification, increased expertise, and increased safety and security benefits that cannot be achieved otherwise.