“I will show you fear in a handful of dust.” - T. S. Eliot
FACT [noun] faktj: a piece of information presented as having objective reality, the truth.- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Eat My Dust’s revolutionary cleaning process means you’ll never have to fear for the health of your building, or your workforce. It is good for the health of our people and our planet, and the facts below attest to that.

Fact: Our cleaning process is a scientifically proven cleaning system that uses a combination of green cleaning products and environmentally friendly methods. It is up to five times more effective than traditional cleaning methods.

Fact: Most employees spend 90% of their time indoors, and are affected daily by built up dust and residue from industrial cleaning by-products, and old-fashioned, ineffective cleaning methods.

Fact: The same cleaning process was used in the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. When the Salt Lake games were over, they were deemed the cleanest and most environmentally friendly Olympics ever.

Fact: Due to the use of high performance cleaning methods, Sandia National Labs reduced the number of lost workdays from 104 in 2000. to 0 in 2001. In 2002, the University of Texas saw an 85% reduction in the number of lost workdays with the system in place.

Fact: Our approach safeguards the environment by restricting use of harmful compounds like ammonia, bleach, peroxide, lye, hydrochloric acid bowl cleaner and abrasive powders.

Fact: Our system extend the life cycle of building surfaces, and finishes of hard floors, carpet, fixtures, and furniture.

Fact: With science-based cleaning, studies proved elementary school attendance jumped from 89% to 93%, and passing math/reading scores jumped 25% and 16% respectively.

Fact: Eat My Dust’s high performance cleaning reduces water use by eliminating traditional ‘string mops’ and replacing them with flat, micro-fiber mops and 2-sided buckets. High Efficiency, Energy Star laundry programs recycle our rags, eliminating cleaning cloths made from trees.

Fact: The prescribed vacuum manufacturer is partnered with the American Lung Association to educate public schools about indoor air-quality.

Fact: A similar system was selected by the State of Washington to develop the Deep Cleaning Protocol for the Washington Ecology building.

Fact: The Boeing Company’s Safety Health and the Environment (SHEA) organization was awarded the “Innovation Award” for their outstanding cleaning program implementation.  They also achieved the prestigious ISO9001 certification.

Fact: The cleaning system in being used at dozens of Universities, Corporate Campuses, Medical Centers and Laboratories across the United States.

Fact: The cleaning process is priced competitively compared to traditional janitorial services.

Fact: You could have a cleaner, healthier building, contribute to a better environment, and the well-being of yourself and your workforce.

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