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Eat My Dust has a fundamentally different approach to cleaning, with PROVEN results.

What we offer: Eat My Dust™ is the first green commercial janitorial company in Northern California that has a proprietary and revolutionary approach to cleaning. Our specific, in-depth cleaning process is scientifically proven and goes far beyond simply using green products. Our processes are based on (OS1, which is chosen by organizations that want to demonstrate leadership in operating a safer and environmentally responsible approach to cleaning.

Diversity: Eat My Dust™ is a woman-owned, family run business.

Our founders: Angela Goldin started sweeping the floors at age three, and then moved on to dusting and mopping at age five. From there she graduated from the University of the Pacific with a BS in Finance, and from Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley with an MBA. In addition to Angela’s cleaning experience, she has an extensive background in finance for small enterprises and international companies, mergers and acquisitions including company and intangible asset valuations, and sales and customer support operations. Directly and in a consulting fashion, Angela has worked for both public and private companies serving many industries, including software, biotech and manufacturing.

Russ Goldin (follow me on Twitter) also started to sweep floors at age three, but found he wasn’t that good at it. He hired his friends to do it for him and paid them with Ding Dongs and Chocolate Milk. He has a BS from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and a Certificate in Project Management from the University of California, Berkeley. Russ has an extensive background in the high tech industry and excels at project management and sales.  In Fall 2008, Russ attended Janitor University and now proudly displays his diploma in his office.

Angela and Russ launched Eat My Dust™ in 2008 with the vision to provide a better way to clean commercial facilities. Providing service in and around Silicon Valley, Eat My Dust™ uses a comprehensive cleaning operating system which has been proven to increase worker productivity and health. Angela and Russ live in Silicon Valley with their two children who will start sweeping the floors very soon.

The facts: Humans spend upwards of 90% of their time indoors. Eat My Dust’s documented methods are up to five times more effective than other cleaning techniques at removing indoor pollutants. Anyone can use green products, but HOW those products are used is what really makes a difference in the cleanliness of your facility.

We are proud members of:

Eat My Dust is a Santa Clara County Certified Green BusinessBOMA-SV:IFMA-SVSustainable Silicon Valley
San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce MemberGreen Chamber of CommerceCoreNet Global

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