Process Approach to Cleaning
Eat My Dustâ„¢ removes more dirt and pollutants from the built environment than traditional approaches. We clean with our revolutionary process in many different industries and for Fortune Global 500 customers. This approach has reduced janitorial costs by 20% while increasing both the quality and frequencies of cleaning. Our customers are benefiting by saving money, having healthier indoor environments for their employees, and prolonging the life of their capital assets all while reducing complaints.

What our customers are saying

“Staff is the best-trained I have seen in my 40+ years in the industry.
S.D., M&L Manager, Panasonic

“It is a testament to Eat My Dust management that a year later they are still cleaning the same way they originally explained and their janitorial closet (which was completely cleaned out and transformed from a dirty disorganized mess to a clean organized area) is as clean as the first week they started.”
J.M., Downtown San Jose Office Building

“…price competitive and very responsive to both owner’s and tenant’s needs.”
B.B., Property Manager

Why choose Eat My Dust
Eat My Dustâ„¢ uses equipment and processes that capture and collect the dirt and dust in your building instead of spreading it around. We teach our janitors these cleaning techniques in our two-day Boot Camp. They learn each of our four Specialist positions and where, when and what to clean in your building. Our janitors spend more time detail cleaning each part of your building than all other companies while decreasing the amount of hours needed. Finally, we track and measure how much cleaning is performed which enables our employees to have accountability for their work.

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