Hard Floor Care

Eat My Dust offers an alternative to the wasteful, inefficient approach that has been traditionally used to maintain floors.

Never ‘strip and wax’ your floors again. The process of stripping is dangerous (removing old floor finish can create conditions more slippery than ice) and harmful to the environment (uses caustic chemicals which enter our waste streams). It is also labor intensive require many employees and significant costs.

Floor finish traditionally needs to be stripped away from the floor when it becomes yellowed (due to light/aging), soiled (embedded dirt cannot be removed) or damaged (scratched or marred).

Eat My Dust’s floor care system eliminates the need to ‘strip and wax’ your floors ever again. Once installed, our protective floor finishes can be cleaned of embedded dirt in place. Where there is high traffic or wear, additional layers can be applied and the finish is self-leveling. This is also how defects in the finish can be fixed in-place. This finish will never yellow and regular maintenance will keep it bright and shiny.

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