Carpet Care

Have you previously paid a small fortune of money to have your carpets cleaned, only to find them resoiled only a few short weeks later?

Most approaches to carpet cleaning leaves the surface of your carpets clean, but the underlying soil is never removed. What’s worse is that the carpet now has a layer of residue from the cleaning process that attracts dirt and makes the carpets soil faster. The more often carpets are cleaned, the faster they become soiled until the only logical solution is to replace all of the carpets and start the viscous cycle all over again.

Eat My Dust’s effective carpet cleaning program uses high flow equipment that thoroughly flushes your carpet and removes more water, dirt and residue than other approaches. Our program is so effective, that it can actually reverse the aging cycle of your carpets.

Imagine how much money you can save by delaying the capital purchase of new carpets for your building?

Eat My Dust’s lifecycle approach to carpets is accomplished with more frequent regular cleanings. Instead of waiting until the carpet is visually soiled, a proactive approach will keep your carpet looking better year-round.

Extend the life of your carpet, prolong capital purchases and have your carpet looking great at all times all for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

Contact Eat My Dust for a competitive quote for our carpet cleaning services.